Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memories Are Made of This

I'm trying not to wear these chambray shorts to death, but I just can't help myself! They are just so comfy and cute and basically go with everything! For instance, a floral blouse and striped espadrilles.

 This was the perfect outfit for a Memorial Day cookout. I haven't worn this shirt in ages, so it was fun to drag it out, dust it off, and style it up! The nice light weight cotton was perfect for a hot day. Btw, where did Spring go? Is it lost? Should we get a search party together? : (  I'm worried.

There's a great story behind these cute bicycle earings:

Crafted in Kisumu, Kenya, and finished by the Teenage Mothers Association of Kenya. TEMAK is "the last house towards the Obunga slums," the most destitute area of Kisumu. TEMAK was organized to provide job training. As a community center, the organization also provides the villagers an educational forum for HIV/AIDS awareness and other health issues. Many of TEMAK's young women participate in making crafts, earning income to support themselves and their families. TEMAK has also become a craft center for the professional artisans and craftspeople in the town of Kisumu; providing local and international sales outlets that create a sustainable income for many in the community.

Kinda neat! And they make some super cute jewelry!

Blouse: H&M.
Shorts: Old Navy.
Espadrilles: Old Navy.
Bracelet: Trip to Paris.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day yesterday!

Memories Are Made of This- Dean Martin

Monday, May 30, 2011

Call of the Divine

The breeze was blowing my dress around. : D I wish I could have captured it better! I've decided I look kinda Grecian. All I need is a sword & a shield and I could be a Gladiator! Grrrr. Watch your back, Russell Crowe! I'm coming to getcha! 

Ok, maybe I'm not Gladiator material. Me and sharp objects don't mix. It could get ugly. Like, a family size box of Band Aids just for me ugly.

Me and climbing, thankfully, do mix! I showed some V Intro routes who's boss lady in these here parts on Saturday. The Movement Class that I took made a HUGE difference! I've even been attempting some V1 routes. Scary!

 This is my 'Don't Mess With Me, Russell Crowe' face.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Memorial Day!

Dress: Target.
Belt: Macy's.
Sandals: UO.
Bracelet: Gift shop in OBX.
Ring: Amazon.

Call of the Divine- Mark Seelig

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carry That Weight

It was a little bit warm for this top, but for some reason I was really drawn to it. Some days you just need a bright happy print top to boost your mood!

 I have a really good friend who is going through a really rough time right now. She's constantly second guessing herself. Is she wrong? Is she a bad person? I'm not going to say there is a right and wrong in this situation, that's too black and white, and no situation is ever that cut and dry. But she is definitely not a bad person and she is not wrong. Did I just contradict myself? She's not wrong, but she's not the one who's right either. She's not the winner! There is no competition! But that is almost what this whole f-ed up situation is turning into. And she has no control over it. I'm rambling! Basically, I love her to pieces and I wish I could do something to make the situation better and to make her happy and whole again. I hate to see her hurting! I worry that it's going to get worse before it gets better and I hope with all of my heart that it does get better, for everyone involved! But I guess all I can do is be there for her when she needs me. It's frustrating! :' (

 Thanks for letting me vent, cyberspace. I needed that!

Top- Old Navy.
Shorts- Macy's.
Clogs- M.I.A.
Fedora- Amazon.
Watch Necklace- Mom.
World Necklace- Macy's.

 Carry That Weight- The Beatles

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yellow Sun

I saw this jacket at work this past week and started obsessing over it! I LOVE this shade of mustard yellow! Problem is, yellow's really not my color. But it's so cute! Also, it's from the old lady traditional section. I feel kinda old now. : (  But it's so damn cute! Finally, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! And it really isn't a bad color on me. Right? Right! It's kind of a pastel mustard yellow. :::insert dubious look here::: And it's linen, so perfect for cool Spring/Summer evenings. I bought it.

 I love the detail on the front of this blouse! I also love my new chambray shorts. Wanna know what I love about chambray? It looks like denim, but it's a way lighter (aka cooler) fabric. Plus they were $15! ; D 

P.S. Can I use the word 'love' anymore in one paragraph? ; )

On a random side note, Erin and I took a Movement class last night for climbers. Wow! I had that "A-ha! I get it now! This is what I'm doing wrong!" moment! I've been putting too much stress on my arms and not using my legs and center of gravity to climb. So, as a result, I'm getting super tired about half way up the wall. Not to mention I'm totally lumbering through it like an Ox, with no grace to speak of what-so-ever! After the class we ran down to the bouldering wall to try our new skills out. Sadly, a route that we've had marginal success with was gone (they change the routes on sections of the wall every month or so), but there was a new V Intro route for us to try and we were both successful on the first try! Even though I missed a few foot holds that would have made it significantly easier! Oops! I even attempted a route that's been kicking my butt for weeks and completed it! Victory is mine! Can't wait for Saturday for more climbing!

 Jacket: Macy's.
Top: H&M.
Shorts: Old Navy.
Sandals: Frye.
Earings: DIY.
Bracelet & Ring: Gift shop in OBX.

Yellow Sun- The Raconteurs

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Shook Twins @ Mystic Hot Springs. These girls are just plain amazing!

 Wildfire- Shook Twins

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hail To Whatever You Found In The Sunlight That Surrounds You

After climbing all morning with Erin, I ran off to help Rachel and Lauren make invitations for Rachel and Allan's wedding. We may or may not have gotten a little buzz from all of the spray glue fumes...

Btw, did I mention that Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!!!! The sun came out. The sky was blue. There were big puffy clouds. It's was 80 degrees. Heaven! We decided after all of that hard labor to grab dinner. Our one stipulation? Outdoor seating! So we ran off to The Tower on Main St, drank some beers, ate some beachy fare, and tried to pretend that we were 'downy ocean, hon'! <- A bit of Baltimorese. Please forgive!

Saturday was also my friend Stephanie's birthday, so after dinner we walked up the street to Darkhorse Saloon to hang out and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Blouse: Target.
Skirt: Old Navy.
Belt: Macy's.
Wedges: B.o.c.
Necklace: DIY.
Bracelet: Gift shop in OBX.
Ring: Amazon.

 Hail To Whatever You Found In The Sunlight That Surrounds You- Rilo Kiley

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resurrection Fern

I've been obsessing over these amazing pieces by Allison Fomich at her Tigerlillyshop on Etsy ever since I saw them at the Baltimore Flowermart a few weekends ago! WANT!!!!

Pressed Hydrangea Petals, Brass Botanical Necklace.

Pressed Fern Bracelet, Handmade Copper Cuff.

Copper Maple Seed, Pressed Nature Botanical Necklace.

 Resurrection Fern- Iron & Wine

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waltzing Back

Every year "Maifest" is celebrated throughout Germany, to welcome the  arrival of spring.

Traditionally, a few days before the first of May, a group of young men go into the local forest to select a tree to bring back to the village. All the branches are removed and only the top (crown) is left. The crown symbolizes fertility and is an important part of the tree. The tree is then placed upright near the town square, where it is decorated by the local women. Wreaths, garlands, local crests and carvings will adorn the "Maibaum" to show off the history and craftsmanship of the village. During the early part, before the tree is decorated, local men have to guard the tree to prevent neighboring fellows from stealing it. On May 1st, people celebrate "Maifest", while singing and dancing around the "Maibaum".

Well, We didn't have a Maibaum, but we did have a blast! Alex held a Maifest celebration on Saturday at his house, complete with a live German Polka Band!

Erin and I went on a hunt earlier that day for pretty flowers for our hair.

Erin and Alex Polka-ing!

Waltzing Back by The Cranberries

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sweets Of May

Saturday was a pretty busy day! Erin and I met up super early for a couple of hours of climbing. Erin totally rocked a 5.7 route on Top-roping and a V-Intro Bouldering route! I was kinda sucking on the Top-roping, but did complete 3 V-Intro Bouldering routes! All together, we felt very accomplished! We hung out at her house for awhile before heading over to our friend Alex's Mai Fest celebration.

Since we were going to be outside in the backyard, I went for easy and casual. I was definitely pushing the weather with these sandals, considering that it was dreary and rained most of the afternoon! That may be why I'm now getting over a pretty nasty cold.

This beautiful necklace was given to my on Saturday! Erin brought it back from her recent trip to Colorado!  If anyone gets my taste in fashion, it's Erin! The beads are actually Juniper seeds, which are said to ward off evil spirits! And it went perfectly with my wooden bangles!

Jacket: Macy's.
Tank Top: Target.
Jeans: Target.
Sandals: UO.
Necklace: Gift from Erin.
Wooden Bangles: Joann Fabrics.
Ring: Amazon.

The Sweets Of May- Domegore Tradition.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Weather Rose

 I'm feeling under the weather, so I'm posting some pictures from the NCR Trail in Baltimore County, Maryland. I took a stroll down there the other week when I was on vacation. I'll save the best for another post, when I have more energy to be more descriptive!

Rainy Weather Rose - Adrian Schubert & His Salon Orchestra