Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Sweets Of May

Saturday was a pretty busy day! Erin and I met up super early for a couple of hours of climbing. Erin totally rocked a 5.7 route on Top-roping and a V-Intro Bouldering route! I was kinda sucking on the Top-roping, but did complete 3 V-Intro Bouldering routes! All together, we felt very accomplished! We hung out at her house for awhile before heading over to our friend Alex's Mai Fest celebration.

Since we were going to be outside in the backyard, I went for easy and casual. I was definitely pushing the weather with these sandals, considering that it was dreary and rained most of the afternoon! That may be why I'm now getting over a pretty nasty cold.

This beautiful necklace was given to my on Saturday! Erin brought it back from her recent trip to Colorado!  If anyone gets my taste in fashion, it's Erin! The beads are actually Juniper seeds, which are said to ward off evil spirits! And it went perfectly with my wooden bangles!

Jacket: Macy's.
Tank Top: Target.
Jeans: Target.
Sandals: UO.
Necklace: Gift from Erin.
Wooden Bangles: Joann Fabrics.
Ring: Amazon.

The Sweets Of May- Domegore Tradition.

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