Monday, May 30, 2011

Call of the Divine

The breeze was blowing my dress around. : D I wish I could have captured it better! I've decided I look kinda Grecian. All I need is a sword & a shield and I could be a Gladiator! Grrrr. Watch your back, Russell Crowe! I'm coming to getcha! 

Ok, maybe I'm not Gladiator material. Me and sharp objects don't mix. It could get ugly. Like, a family size box of Band Aids just for me ugly.

Me and climbing, thankfully, do mix! I showed some V Intro routes who's boss lady in these here parts on Saturday. The Movement Class that I took made a HUGE difference! I've even been attempting some V1 routes. Scary!

 This is my 'Don't Mess With Me, Russell Crowe' face.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Memorial Day!

Dress: Target.
Belt: Macy's.
Sandals: UO.
Bracelet: Gift shop in OBX.
Ring: Amazon.

Call of the Divine- Mark Seelig


  1. I love that you are wearing bright red earrings with the blue floral! One of my fave color combos!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. WOW,the dress is adorable and I like as you have styled it!!!