Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yellow Sun

I saw this jacket at work this past week and started obsessing over it! I LOVE this shade of mustard yellow! Problem is, yellow's really not my color. But it's so cute! Also, it's from the old lady traditional section. I feel kinda old now. : (  But it's so damn cute! Finally, I tried it on and it fit perfectly! And it really isn't a bad color on me. Right? Right! It's kind of a pastel mustard yellow. :::insert dubious look here::: And it's linen, so perfect for cool Spring/Summer evenings. I bought it.

 I love the detail on the front of this blouse! I also love my new chambray shorts. Wanna know what I love about chambray? It looks like denim, but it's a way lighter (aka cooler) fabric. Plus they were $15! ; D 

P.S. Can I use the word 'love' anymore in one paragraph? ; )

On a random side note, Erin and I took a Movement class last night for climbers. Wow! I had that "A-ha! I get it now! This is what I'm doing wrong!" moment! I've been putting too much stress on my arms and not using my legs and center of gravity to climb. So, as a result, I'm getting super tired about half way up the wall. Not to mention I'm totally lumbering through it like an Ox, with no grace to speak of what-so-ever! After the class we ran down to the bouldering wall to try our new skills out. Sadly, a route that we've had marginal success with was gone (they change the routes on sections of the wall every month or so), but there was a new V Intro route for us to try and we were both successful on the first try! Even though I missed a few foot holds that would have made it significantly easier! Oops! I even attempted a route that's been kicking my butt for weeks and completed it! Victory is mine! Can't wait for Saturday for more climbing!

 Jacket: Macy's.
Top: H&M.
Shorts: Old Navy.
Sandals: Frye.
Earings: DIY.
Bracelet & Ring: Gift shop in OBX.

Yellow Sun- The Raconteurs


  1. So pretty! Love the yellow top on you :) beautiful color and outfit!

  2. Yellow is such a great colour on you and love your earrings!

    Girl about Town XxX

  3. cute outfit - loving that yellow, and the detail on your blouse is adorable!


  4. yellow looks great on you! Also, I love your sandals! Your outfit is so summery!

  5. I'm kinda in love with that jacket. Bright yellow is all the rage right now, and I love it because it's so cheery! xo