Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carry That Weight

It was a little bit warm for this top, but for some reason I was really drawn to it. Some days you just need a bright happy print top to boost your mood!

 I have a really good friend who is going through a really rough time right now. She's constantly second guessing herself. Is she wrong? Is she a bad person? I'm not going to say there is a right and wrong in this situation, that's too black and white, and no situation is ever that cut and dry. But she is definitely not a bad person and she is not wrong. Did I just contradict myself? She's not wrong, but she's not the one who's right either. She's not the winner! There is no competition! But that is almost what this whole f-ed up situation is turning into. And she has no control over it. I'm rambling! Basically, I love her to pieces and I wish I could do something to make the situation better and to make her happy and whole again. I hate to see her hurting! I worry that it's going to get worse before it gets better and I hope with all of my heart that it does get better, for everyone involved! But I guess all I can do is be there for her when she needs me. It's frustrating! :' (

 Thanks for letting me vent, cyberspace. I needed that!

Top- Old Navy.
Shorts- Macy's.
Clogs- M.I.A.
Fedora- Amazon.
Watch Necklace- Mom.
World Necklace- Macy's.

 Carry That Weight- The Beatles


  1. I am totally in love with your blouse!So stylish!

  2. sorry to hear about your friend. I hope things pick up for her ASAP. And I love that pocket watch necklace :)

  3. the print on the top is great, i can see why you were drawn to it.

    sorry to hear about your friend, i hope things work out.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. What a cute top! And I love your hat.


  5. Those clogs are super adorable! I love the outfit too!

    Keep up the great work!



  6. I've said before that I think blogging is a poor woman's therapy. Not that we're poor, but you get what I mean, right? Anyways, hope your friend is able to sort things out! Really nice of you to be there for her and try to help her through it.
    And I'm so bitter that it's too warm for your blouse. We've barely seen a day of sunshine in Vancouver! Love this look, your hat is adorable xo

  7. Ag.. it is gorrible feeling helpless. I hope things sort them selves out.

  8. too warm for that top? oh honey, i sure wish i could say those words. we aren't there yet unfortch but am hoping the sun will soon shine here too. you look great and i adore the blue...suits you so much!

    you're absolutely doing right by your friend. it's so tough to see someone struggle but all we can do is be a supportive cheerleader along their way. i hope she is okay. many blessings. ♥