Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Western Spaghetti

Some fun pictures from Fells Point & Little Italy, Baltimore, Maryland:

Hon! ; D

How can you resist a mural of a tugboat?!? You can't!

Fells Point. This is a great old historic part of Baltimore. Kinda wished I had taken more pictures! C'est la vie!

At the Italian Festival in Little Italy. 

This band consisted of Dad, daughter, 10, and son, 8.  These kids kicked some major butt! Their grandfather, uncle, and cousin also joined in for a few songs. What a musical family!

Mmmmm, wine, biscotti, calzones? Yes please!

Bocce ball. We have no idea what the rules are, but everyone was so intense! It was fun to watch!

Another storm was rolling in! 

Western Spaghetti- The Country Devils


  1. Nice pictures!!!I love to see places so far from me!Thanks for sharing sweety!You look great with floral dress!

  2. oooh, what a fun day! AND I'm smitten with your dress Julie, it's so pretty ...love the pattern & lovely hues. Hope you're having a fab Wednesday. xx veronika