Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Say Goodbye

Sunday night, I went to a farewell get together for a co-worker. Social situations with co-workers can be weird. Not that we don't already know way too much about each other! But still, weird! We met up at Bonefish Grill, ate some yummy food, drank some wine, and had a long in depth conversation about waxing our very hairy Russian AST Mgr, Lev....


 We have to wear all black for work, so this was an opportunity for some of us me to play dress up! Some of us me wear polos, cargos, and Converse to work everyday, so we I were a bit unrecognizable to fellow co-workers! ; D

A dress with pockets. Can't beat that with a stick!

Sabine, adieu! Vous allez nous manquer!*

Dress: Converse, Target.
Belt: Macy's.
Wedges: Aerosole.
Wooden Bracelets: Joann's.
Ring: Amazon.

How To Say Goodbye- Paul Tiernan

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  1. Oh yes great opportunity!You look lovely, this dress is made for you!