Thursday, June 16, 2011

This One's Gonna Bruise

Happy Thursday! I'm really excited! I went to dinner with Erin and her friend, Frankie, last night and we made plans to go caving next weekend! : D I've never been, and the more Frankie talked about it, the more excited we got! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! It just can't come soon enough!

 Anywho, this is what I wore out last night. Funny story about these heels: I bought them for next to nothing. Never wore them. Gave them to Erin. They were too big for her. She gave them back. Now I wear them. Ok, maybe not so funny. I liked them because they remind me of the Irish flag, green, white, and orange. What good Irish girl could resist? :::I use the term 'good' loosely:::

Did I mention I'm going caving next weekend? Oh, I did? Ok! :::insert squeal of happiness here:::

Seriously, people are going to get sick of me!

I tried something else new last night: Slacklining. In Frankie's backyard. In the dark. With headlamps. Sometimes I have to acknowledge the randomness of my life! That is how I acquired these bad boys:

I've named them 'Joliet' Jake and Elwood Bruise. The Bruise Brothers.

Vest: H&M.
Blouse: H&M.
Shorts: Old Navy.
Heels: Chinese Laundry.
Earings: DIY.
Ring: Amazon.
Bracelet: Salisbury Pewter.

This One's Gonna Bruise- Beth Orton


  1. caving? wow, you are an adventurous crew!!! love that spark, wishing you the best time and more bruise-nasties either ; )

    although their pet names are rather cute! as are you, those shoes are darling lades. happy weekend! ♥

  2. Very cute! Love the layering! Not sure what caving is but it sounds exciting!