Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Love On The Rocks With No Ice

I've never been a 'Hitting the Gym' kinda girl. Boring. I feel like there is nothing there to motivate me to push myself. Nothing challenging or inspiring. Plus, they're kinda gross! Instead, I've always been drawn to more unusual forms of exercise. I spent most of my adolescent years Irish & German dancing (yes, Riverdancing) and have always been an avid hiker/trail walker. I love a good White Water Rafting trip or Kayak trip. I've done Yoga off and on over the last several years. And I spent the first few months of this year Cha-Cha-ing and Roller Skating! But I think I've discovered my one true love! Rock Climbing! Wow! I LOVE it! I asked a friend recently to teach me and I've been hooked ever since. Erin and I took an Introductory class last weekend and became Belay Certified last Thursday! P.S. I got Erin hooked on it, also! I swear, we're like Lucy and Ethel! Love her! Erin, that is! Well, I Love Lucy ( ; D ), too! But I digress! There are so many different styles of rock climbing ( Bouldering, Top-roping, and Lead-climbing) and so many different levels of difficulty, so there is always an opportunity for learning, growing, and pushing myself to the next level.

Some of the equipement need for climbing: Climbing shoes, Harness, Belaying Device & Locking Carabiner, Chalk Bag, Chalk.

 The ADS Scale is used Top-roping and Lead Climbing and the V Scale is for Bouldering. Right now I'm climbing 5.7 routes on Top-roping, while V Intro (V 0-, 0, 0+) Bouldering routes are still pretty difficult. Sometimes I get to the top, sometimes I don't! But it's something to work toward!


  1. Oh, rock climbing sounds awesome! I've never really been one for the gym either. But, recently I haven't quite felt comfortable in my own skin. I've really been pushing myself to try running more than ever, and I'm actually finding that I enjoy it!

  2. It is so much fun! A total adrenaline rush! I wish I could run, but all of my joints from the waist down are busted from too many years of dancing! : ( Too high impact! But keep it up! Thanks for following me!!