Thursday, May 5, 2011

Simplest Love

Ok, I know this isn't the most flattering outfit, but it was so stinkin' comfortable!! And considering that it rained all morning long and I didn't venture out until around 3 for a trip to Target, it worked! Plus my pictures aren't the best, kinda rushed, but whatever! 


 I've been obsessed lately with pretty white tops. They are so classic and easy to style with anything! Especially ones with pretty feminine details. This one has pretty fluttery sleeves. Maybe if the weather cooperates, you'll see them! ; ) And this is my favorite snuggly sweater/cape thingy! It's like a fashionable Snuggie! Slanket. Cozy Up. I could go on...

I was watching some birdies playing in the trees in the last picture!

Sweater: Macy's.
Top: H&M.
Jeans: Target.
Flats: Apepazza.
Earings: Worldstock Fair Trade.
Ring: Amazon.


  1. I like the detailing on your top. It's been freezing (literally) in VT lately and I have seriously been loving large, cozy knits like the one you're wearing. Not only are they comfortable to the max but they're a great topper to a whole range of outfits!

  2. your eyebrows are so perfectly shaped and I think that this is the first time I've ever left that comment in all the time Ive been reading blogs. Also LOVING your curly hair.

  3. I think this is the first time I've ever been complimented on my eyebrows! Thanks! I have to give my parents credit for them! And the curls!