Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Saturday was just so beautiful! 80 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze. If the rest of Summer is like this, I will be a very happy girl! Lex and I took advantage of the perfect weather and went kayaking on Lake Redman, near York, PA.

Gum balls for gophers.

An older gentleman to Lex: "That's a nice pair of kayaks. How big are they?" This led to hours of jokes that prove that we have the mentality of 12 y/o boys!

 Ready to go 'yaking!

Chillin' like a villain!

Camoflouge legs?

A herd of 'yaks.

So...no swimming? ; )

We were hoping to make the New Freedom Farmers Market, but unfortunately missed it. : (  
Instead, we stopped at Brown's Orchards & Farm Market. Grocery shopping on an empty stomach= expensive mistake! But a yummy expensive mistake!

Gone Fishin'- Louis Armstrong


  1. haha i love the leg camouflage comment. People have to wear sunglasses around my bare legs. It's a scary thing.

  2. This looks like soooo much fun :) Hahaha "how big are your kayaks" ...hilarious!

  3. that looks like such a wild and carefree vacation destination! your straw fedora is too cute! =)


  4. Ahh, it looks like you had a great time!!!Lovely pictures!

  5. what a feast for the eyes - i love these photos Julie! you captured the joy of the day and omg the gum balls for gophers is hilarious. i didn't know this trick - baha! i've done the grocery shopping running on empty too...pocket jingly spendage for sure.

    and i adore your new kicks in the post above, you could pick a good spot with major a/c and wear them to your hearts content lovely, they rock! ♥