Thursday, June 9, 2011

(Gn)ometown Glory

Since I spent most of the week in either outdoorsy wear, work wear, or my pjs, I really don't have any more fashion posts to share this week. Instead, I give you:

My absolute most favorite part of the NCR Trail:  

:::drum roll:::

The Gnome Hill!

There is this random house on the trail and right out front is this slice of magnificence:

Violators will be toad! Haha! :::snort:::

I first stumbled upon this 8th Wonder of the World (; D) last January with Lex and Kera. The first words out of Lex's mouth: "Look, Jules! Your family!" Seriously, I wonder why I'm friends with her sometimes. ; )

Not only does this hill boast a wide variety of Gnomes, but there are also cherubs and Dinosaurs! : D

I feel like the owners of this hill and I would get along swimmingly!

:::Warm Fuzzies:::

Hometown Glory- Adele


  1. Amazing blog! How wonderful is the USA... I wish i'd live there someday!

    Im following you, follow back? :)

  2. that is equal parts frightening and hilarious.

  3. This might be the most adorable, bizarre thing ever.