Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Flowers- Florals. Everybody, Everywear.

Today is Wear Florals Day!

I love this top! It's actually shear, but you really can't see through the front because of the three tiered layers. And it has a really cute back detail, but I unfortunately couldn't photograph that this time because I had to wear it over a tank top to make it more work appropriate. Boo! Next time! Plus, it's getting warmer, so soon I won't need a jacket! : D 

I decided to keep it monochromatic. Don't know why. No rhyme or reason. Just did! Kinda liked it!

This is my all time favorite necklace!

Totally not digging these pictures! What is with the weird hand on hip situation going on here? Maybe pictures at 7am is not a good idea? Should have waited until after the caffeine kicked in!

Top: Macy's.
Blazer: Macy's.
Shorts: Macy's. (Are we seeing a theme?)
Sandals: Dr. Scholl's.
Necklace: Don't remember, it's been so long!
Ring: Amazon.
Bracelet: Gift Shop in OBX.

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