Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Girl

Yipes, what a crazy week it's been so far! Following a crazy and wonderful weekend! Saturday was my birthday, so I went out to my favorite Irish pub with a great group of friends. I loved seeing everyone, and good times were had by all! I've decided that since I'm an old biddy now, I can finally pull off (faux) fur! J/k! But seriously, you can't go wrong with tactile accessories! Also, this is the debut of my smile. I think I like it more than 'serious model face'. : D

 Some great pictures from Saturday night:

Tom, Lexi, and Kera
Jaime, Silly Erin! Allan, Rick, and Steph.
Aw, Steve and Tom.
Deer in headlights!
The crew!
 Playing while Posting:


  1. Love the DIY headband--very cute! (fellow 30x30 remixer)

  2. Love your trench coat and skirt combo.

  3. Thanks for sharing such great post! I love you blog! I love the DIY headband and the Cheap Women's Coat