Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 For 30 Winter Edition- My 30

Here are my picks for the 30 For 30 Challenge! I picked a lot of items that are already in heavy rotation, to kinda make it easy on myself (I'm wading in, bit by bit. Not plunging in, feet first!). I figure, if I survive this one, next time I'll get a little more adventurous and pick stuff that only sees the light of day a few times a year! That would force me to be creative with clothes I sometimes draw a blank on what to do with!

 I thought it would be funny to post what I was wearing while working on this fun project:

It's hardly glamorous or fashionable, but it was warm! Go figure, my first fashion post would be me looking like a complete ragamuffin! But it did give me a chance to play around with my new tripod!

Playing while Posting:

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