Friday, May 13, 2011

Madama Butterfly

So, this post got eaten alive by Blogger yesterday. I don't remember what I even wrote about anymore! Something about my white shirt obsession and red sandals.

I do remember talking about my new favorite earings! I bought them this weekend at the Baltimore Flowermart. They're made with real butterfly wings (all butterflies died of natural causes, I checked!) by Mike "Souky" Soukup of The Nature Depot. Souky and his wife, Cindy, started their company 4 years ago and their story is truly inspiring! Added bonus: all of their products help to preserve valuable rainforest habitat! Check out their Earwing and Neckwing collections.

Also, I'm on Pinterest!

Top: Marshall's.
Shorts: Macy's.
Sandals: Saltwater Sandals by Hoy.
Bracelets: Gifts.


  1. Those butterfly earring are too cute!

  2. the earrings are just lovely! :) and the outfit certainly lets them shine through!

  3. Oh no, sorry to hear about your post. I seem to have lost most of my comments on my recent post - boo! As for your outfit? I can see why you are fond of white shirts, it's such a fresh & chic look. And I'm loving the red sandals, SO adorable. Happy Friday. xx veronika

  4. those earrings are so pretty! I know, blogger just ate everyones posts - they eventually put mine back, but not the comments. sigh.

    At any rate, those earrings are so cool and pretty, and i love your red sandals.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. saltwater sandals are the JAM!!! and these red lovelies are so fantastic. and i was pretty upset that blogger ate a post of mine too and then stole my comments away from me! so lame.