Friday, May 6, 2011

At War With the Sun

Dear Mother Nature, 
Can you please get your s*#& together, already! My sinuses and skin would very much appreciate it!

I was hoping to go out yesterday sans jacket, but the sun was very deceiving! Brrr, it was chilly! And windy. Also, note to self: no more wet hair pictures! Bleh. Oh, well. Cest la vie!

  I love this dress! It feels very vintagey to me. Is vintagey even a word? I was kinda iffy on the color. It's a do you say....drab. Definitely needs fun pops of color to liven it up!

 Like my white tights? Ha ha, just kidding! Those are my pasty white naked legs. Yeah, that's about as tan as they get. I suggest wearing sunglasses before viewing these pictures. Hmm, maybe should have put this disclaimer at the beginning of this post...

Dress: Target.
Blazer: Macy's.
Necklace: DIY.
Belt: Target.
Purse: Lucky Brand.
Wedges: B.O.C.
Necklace: DIY.
Cuff Bracelet: Gift Shop in OBX.
Ring: Worldstock Fair Trade.


  1. Most. Perfect. Blazer. Ever. And don't worry about your white legs! Your pale complexion is pretty on you. :)


  2. LOL, thanks! I love this blazer, too!

  3. that necklace is so fabulous, and I love that it's DIYed!! Also, the blazer is so chic and nautical. Love it.